New Visual Collective is a community-based company focused on building organic relationships that result in the production of high quality visual content.  We connect clients with a diverse array of unique artists who see their vision.




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There's nothing like immortalizing (and being a part of) one the most important days of multiple people's lives...all at once.  Let us be flies on your walls and capture every special little moment for you.  


we do it for the culture

NVC = Community.  We truly appreciate the magic that happens when a group of people with similar interests, values and passions gets together for a little while.  Our diverse community of artists are experts at going with the flow of any event and capturing the essence, the details, the vibes.



on portraits on portraits

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”- Diane Arbus



storytelling is a passion of ours




We serve as a platform for emerging visual artists to grow within their specialty.  Through the curation of events, we also provide a space of learning and support where we can all build together. Meet our members and contributors: 



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What have we been up to?


Mario, Jorge & Rex recently worked with Antibalas on their new Gold Rush music video.  Check it out!