Interview with Photographer Jessica DeVenuta on More Garlic Pls

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As photographers we have the blessing to utilize our cameras to explore other passions and or creative outlets. The limitless possibilities of creating with photography can take us on new and exciting journeys, breaking any and all borders to our potential. Photography is one of my biggest passions along with travel and food. I'm a serious foodie! So of course when I linked up with Jessica DeVenuta from, I had to get the inside scoop on her process. More Garlic Pls is a visual movement! Knowing that Jessica has always been a photographer, I was curious to see her in action. Sure, I was also trying to become her taste tester, but that's besides the point lol!  Below, Jessica shares a little bit about her journey, passions and photographs! 

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Instagram and Twitter: @moregarlicpls

How long have you been cooking for? 

I’ve been cooking (or trying to cook) since I moved out at age 17. Living alone, you’re forced to either learn to cook or eat fast food everyday… I chose the former, however, there was a point in time when my recipe testing wasn’t always successful (I apologize to anyone who had to go through that). I can honestly say that I’ve been cooking completely edible meals for only about the past five to six years. Practice makes perfect, right?

 Why more garlic pls? 

“More garlic, please” is a phrase that I genuinely must’ve said upward of 100 times. I’m a firm believer that there really isn’t such a thing as too much garlic. Are you familiar with the phrase, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”? Well, if you can’t handle me at my garlic breath, you don’t deserve me at my minty fresh.

Why not call your movement a blog?

Because it’s not a blog. There’s no blog aspect to the website. The vision for was never that of a food blog. In fact, I feel that if a blog was added, it would take away from the main focal point… the photos. What I want for my website is for it to be solely visual. In essence, it’s the beginning stages of my online portfolio and a virtual tour of my journey into the world of food photography.

 What are some photography tips for food?

Shoot in natural light. Learn to embrace imperfections. Focus on color. Always make sure you’re using the right exposure. 

 How do you curate your shoots?

Depends on what I’m cooking. There are so many moving pieces. I would say that the most important factor, and the one majorly out of my control, is time. Since I only shoot in natural light, I have to constantly be aware of the sun’s activity throughout the day to ensure I’m making use of the best available light. From there, I usually decide what props to use based on the colors of the meal; the mood needs to be set & it all has to just feel right. There are times when I’ll spend a full day cooking & shooting, then never post anything because it didn’t come out the way I envisioned it. It’s all trial & error. I’ve just recently taken more control over curation, and am excited to show you guys what I’m working on, and explain what that really means, once it’s ready.

 What inspired your journey?

My interest in several different art mediums began at a very young age, but I didn’t develop a love for photography until 7th grade. I had the opportunity to take free classes at a program operated by a local college, where we were provided with equipment and given free reign over our assignments. From there, I took photography classes throughout high school, and my love for the art grew. I strongly believe that when you’re passionate about something, you should pursue it… despite any and all obstacles that may interfere.

If you were on a cooking show what would be your go to meal signature dish?

Probably some type of pasta in a tomato cream sauce. If I needed to beat Bobby Flay, that would be my “signature” dish.

 On a scale from 1-10 how much do you love garlic 


Photos by NVC's Jasmine Matos (@mjasz_)

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Emotions Captured

Its one thing to own a camera, and its another to know how to use it. Please know the difference if photography is your passion. Throughout time I've come to accept what I'm good at capturing with my camera and I think once you've done that, you will be a force to be reckoned with. It is a magical moment becoming aware what you are good at and why you are good it. You can apply that theory to life, but that discussion is for another day while sipping some tea with honey. 

I am an emotional artist and I know I'm good at capturing emotions because of that. Using that as a tool only comes from me accepting that aspect of my life. Putting the two together seems only right and I can also guide others to bring it out of them

So I will include some of my favorite photos that I felt were very emotional and well captured. 


- r é x


Since we've been gone..

Whatup Fam! 

If you are reading this it's because our new marketing director is kicking ass. Here's a little update on what each of us has been up to! To see more about an individual artist, click on the featured photo!


Has been working on developing his Documentary Photography brand through his involvement in recent rallies and protests, and through his new project, JerseyCitians! Mario took over the account for Jersey Collective for his second time, an Instagram account that features a different Jersey photographer every week. The Asbury Park Press published an article highlighting this project and one of Mario's photographs was published here!


Has been traveling a lot and going hard on building his fashion photography brand. He's been creating relationships with modeling agencies and is planting a seed everywhere he goes! Check out the article he was featured on for covering a carnival in Germany here!


Street and urban photography are at the center of what brought Adrian into this craft. He's found himself redefining his focus and shifting into product photography as well as events. He enjoys covering events because of the opportunity to network, connect with people, and simultaneously work on capturing candid emotion.  Some of the recent work he's done includes brands like Jerz Apparel, Jameson Whiskey, and Remezcla.  In 2016, he will continue to work on balancing his entrepreneurial spirit and getting back to some very passion driven projects.  illogicaltruths is his personal photography brand through which some socially conscious projects will be published.


Has been working diligently on fusing together her passion for the empowerment of womxn with Photography and Marketing. She recently organized the first PussyMeet which took place in Jersey City in December. The second one was hosted in Chelsea, NY and we are happy to say that the community keeps growing, and growing. The goal of the PussyMeets is to flip the script of male photographers dominating the content on Social Media and to create a safe space for female photographers, artists, womxn identifiers in order to shoot more freely. Having womxn in front and behind the lens creates a power shift - both on social media and within the person, and it is truly something beautiful to be a part of.  


As a photographer, traveling has always served as a medium and an inspiration to her craft. As a creator, she is stimulated by the stories of individuals she meets and the connections she makes. Visually stimulated by the change of scenery, culture, smells and tastes Jasz yearnd to share her stories and photographs of the places she's visited. Her goal is to encourage others to travel and become open minded by the diversity this world has to offer. Traveling goes beyond beautiful landscapes. Traveling provides you challenges that allow you to grow and exposes you to situations that humble you. She wants the world to see the differences but also see the similarities within us. Then she will be able to say she is happy. Jasz is currently focusing on connecting, traveling, and encouraging a stigma free world.


3 full months into the new year and George is feeling confident and strong about where this journey is heading! Having experiences that he would never have thought of having such as shooting with friends, shooting at events, meeting important people that are important to other people and to the world. He also highlights how new connections create a new appreciation for people who have always had a place in his heart, and that is a reminder everyone needs. This year Jorge plans to go big, like nuclear big and to help others in their path to their goals.

NVC at the Palisades Collective meet

Last Sunday we had a chance to shoot with a group of local photographers during an Instameet hosted by the Palisades Collective. The meet began with beers at the Zeppelin Hall Biergarten in downtown Jersey City and ended with sunset around Liberty State Park. What happened in between, well...that's what the photographs are for.  Check some of our favorites out:

bold.  picture of  Ailyn Katerin  by  Mario Rubén Carrión

bold.  picture of Ailyn Katerin by Mario Rubén Carrión

know your way.  by  Ailyn Katerin

know your way.  by Ailyn Katerin

enter the subconscious.  picture of  Nabil  by  Mario Rubén Carrión

enter the subconscious.  picture of Nabil by Mario Rubén Carrión

take the leap.  by Adrian Gutierrez

take the leap.  by Adrian Gutierrez

by Ailyn Katerin

by Ailyn Katerin

Picture of NVC contributor  Mike Perez , by  Adrian Gutierrez .

Picture of NVC contributor Mike Perez, by Adrian Gutierrez.

from NVC to NVC.  Picture of  Mario Rubén Carrión , wearing  JERZ Apparel , taken by  Adrian Gutierrez.   

from NVC to NVC.  Picture of Mario Rubén Carrión, wearing JERZ Apparel, taken by Adrian Gutierrez.  

dirty beautiful.  by Mario Rubén Carrión

dirty beautiful.  by Mario Rubén Carrión

you are more than your pain.  by  Ailyn Katerin

you are more than your pain.  by Ailyn Katerin

pixel pursuit.  picture of  Juan Paolo  by  AIlyn Katerin

pixel pursuit.  picture of Juan Paolo by AIlyn Katerin

chasing light.  by  Adrian Gutierrez

chasing light.  by Adrian Gutierrez

The Sweet Spots

As a photographer, I've come to learn what it takes to take good pictures no matter my weapon of choice. Rather it be with my phone or the most technical camera, one thing will always play a big factor on how the pictures come out. Lighting my friends is the secret recipe. I myself prefer natural light; I can never do wrong under the Sun. But, there are times we don't have access to that kind lighting so we make best of what we have. I'm the type of artist that makes little check marks in my head on different locations as I'm driving or walking by some spots with dope lightings. The pictures you are about to see came from how I made use of some of those sweet spots.

In front of signage lighting

In front of signage lighting

In front of signage lighting

In front of signage lighting

In front of signage lighting

In front of signage lighting

The pictures up top are from signage lighting (as it clearly says under them) and you can use them in so many different ways. Now have you ever drove by a bank after its closed and noticed how bright the drive-thru lights were, I know I have. There this one particular bank, its on Raritan Rd in Roselle, its right before you hit the Parkway. That bad boy shines so bright like a diamond (sorry Rihanna) at night and every time I drive by I'm always aching to go shoot under that light. Well, I recently did and the pictures are below.

Drive-thru lighting 

Drive-thru lighting

ATM lighting

Drive-thru lighting

And as a bonus the ATM was just as LIT

ATM lighitng

Now the moral of this folks is that you can always create some magic under any kind of light, just as long you have some. One of the best times to use either signages or light poles lighting is when its foggy out, you can actually do no wrong under those circumstances. So go out, take out your phones or camera and snap or shutter away.

Peace to the guac.

r é x (@PharaohRex) 

Jordan Bratton: This is What We Made

Part of our collective identity stems from individual personalities and talents that we believe complement one another.  While we each possess a skill set which is our strength, we simultaneously seek to improve the areas that could use work.  Slowly but surely New Visual Collective is finding a voice within a complex art form and we are loving the process.  This photoshoot was an experimental one for myself but I believe the subject made it incredibly easy to work with and helped me grow within portraiture & personal branding.

Jordan Bratton is an incredibly talented musician and multi-instrumentalist currently signed to RCA Records.  He is currently touring the US on his Fallin Up Tour.  You can check out his upcoming tour dates here

Interestingly enough, I ran into Jordan while working at an event at Webster Hall and his music captivated my attention.  I shot him a few of the flicks from that night and he made sure to reach out and connect.  I hope you guys enjoy our photo series, "This is What We Made."  Make sure to comment & share, if you'd like. 

For more of Jordan's music check out:


Peace, peace! 

-AD (@illogicaltruths)

Afro Latino Festival NYC 2015

You can't tell the story of Latin America without telling the story of Africa.  There's no such thing as a "Latinx" without the Africanx.  Africa is in our music, in our food, in our words and in our blood.  And yet, somehow, the Afro-Latino experience is constantly ignored by the media and by the history books.  The Afro-Latino Festival of New York City aims to shine a light on that unique and complicated experience in the form of a 3 day celebration.  

The Festival was founded by Mai-Elka Prado, an Afro Latina singer/photographer/artist etc. etc. etc. (she does it all) from Panamá.  It consists of educational conferences, culinary presentations and artistic performances that aim to "Affirm, Educate & Celebrate".  Day one began with a gala out in Harlem headlined by the talented Cuban songstress Danay Suarez and her band, who performed a really dope, intimate, groovy set.  There were some educational conferences during day two, which culminated with a Que Bajo?! party at The Wick in Brooklyn with a special performance by Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, straight out of Colombia.  These dudes absolutely slayed, and it was awesome to see their music transcend generations, as there were 60-year-olds dancing as much as there were 21-year-olds dancing.  The Sunday all-day event took place at the Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn, and it featured vendors, a domino tournament, impromptu backstage jam sessions and a concert headlined by Cultura Profética, from Puerto Rico.  Among the other bands that performed were Les Nubians, Kafu Banton, Los Hacheros & CaribeFunk.                  

I had the opportunity to photograph the celebration earlier this year.  Check out some of the pictures:

For the rest of the series, check out the festival's website ( or my personal website (  



MP.FRIAS: A Celebration of Latino Expression

 "El Taino Vive!" Was one of the most memorable quotes of the night and words that truly conceptualize what this event was about (that and uh, "he ate my pussy with purpose.." How can you forget a poem that starts with "he ate my pussy with purpose"?) We were celebrating our history as Latin Americans, remembering our roots, discussing our multiple identities, and saying: we are still here. Death only occurs when something is forgotten. We are American, we are First Generation Americans, we are Latin@s, we are Gringos in the motherland and Immigrants in the US. All of these different labels affect who we are, and being as underrepresented as we are in the media, it was beautiful to see so many different shades of Brown united in an attempt to celebrate our art and our perspective.

     This was the second Scarlet Event of writer, poet, and verbal rebel Mercedes Paola Frias, known to most of you as @MP.Frias on Instagram. I was fortunate to make it to her first event which celebrated women and our experience and which was limited only to women and family (those of you who know me know I wouldn't miss an event like that). This go around, though, the objective of the event was for people of all Latin Backgrounds to connect, find comfort in our similarities and discuss how we can be more tolerant of the differences- including gender and everything in between.

     Feminism was a constant topic where we dissected everything from what the word itself means to defining what actions truly make you a feminist. Is Amber Rose truly a feminist? Is Beyonce? Is calling yourself a feminist enough? The crowd had plenty to say as well as the women on the panel. Basically, calling yourself a feminist is the first step, at least that's how I see it. Second are the feminist goggles that should come along with the title- not label - but title, something voluntary, something wanted. These goggles allow you to challenge the things you see and realize that conforming never brings true change. We agreed that Amber Rose IS a feminist, she is a woman who is unapologetic and that in itself is rebellion (not to mention her involvement in the Slutwalk). What is feminism if not a rebellion of archaic traditions? A battle for cambio. I am still on the fence about Beyonce, being that I believe that with great power comes great responsibility and so I judge her based on what she's not doing rather than what she's done. Everyone else had B's back, I have to admit, and stated that so long as feminism rings true with you, you are a feminist- love to break it to ya'. :)  Stay tuned for a recap video, but in the meantime take a sneak peak into The Scarlet Event: A Celebration of Latino Expression.  - Ay!

by: Ailyn K. Robles @ayyy_mujer 

Update March 2016: Bey & I are on better terms. More than funding women centric organizations, which she has (but I'm sure its all chump change for her), she's used her main platform, her music, to send a message and to me there is no greater good than to use the skills or talents you have to inspire positive change, even if it means pissing some people off.  ya, ahora si, I'm done. -Ay!

Finally the video! Edited by NVC's @Drenology & @Mario_Ruben