Jordan Bratton: This is What We Made

Part of our collective identity stems from individual personalities and talents that we believe complement one another.  While we each possess a skill set which is our strength, we simultaneously seek to improve the areas that could use work.  Slowly but surely New Visual Collective is finding a voice within a complex art form and we are loving the process.  This photoshoot was an experimental one for myself but I believe the subject made it incredibly easy to work with and helped me grow within portraiture & personal branding.

Jordan Bratton is an incredibly talented musician and multi-instrumentalist currently signed to RCA Records.  He is currently touring the US on his Fallin Up Tour.  You can check out his upcoming tour dates here

Interestingly enough, I ran into Jordan while working at an event at Webster Hall and his music captivated my attention.  I shot him a few of the flicks from that night and he made sure to reach out and connect.  I hope you guys enjoy our photo series, "This is What We Made."  Make sure to comment & share, if you'd like. 

For more of Jordan's music check out:


Peace, peace! 

-AD (@illogicaltruths)