Since we've been gone..

Whatup Fam! 

If you are reading this it's because our new marketing director is kicking ass. Here's a little update on what each of us has been up to! To see more about an individual artist, click on the featured photo!


Has been working on developing his Documentary Photography brand through his involvement in recent rallies and protests, and through his new project, JerseyCitians! Mario took over the account for Jersey Collective for his second time, an Instagram account that features a different Jersey photographer every week. The Asbury Park Press published an article highlighting this project and one of Mario's photographs was published here!


Has been traveling a lot and going hard on building his fashion photography brand. He's been creating relationships with modeling agencies and is planting a seed everywhere he goes! Check out the article he was featured on for covering a carnival in Germany here!


Street and urban photography are at the center of what brought Adrian into this craft. He's found himself redefining his focus and shifting into product photography as well as events. He enjoys covering events because of the opportunity to network, connect with people, and simultaneously work on capturing candid emotion.  Some of the recent work he's done includes brands like Jerz Apparel, Jameson Whiskey, and Remezcla.  In 2016, he will continue to work on balancing his entrepreneurial spirit and getting back to some very passion driven projects.  illogicaltruths is his personal photography brand through which some socially conscious projects will be published.


Has been working diligently on fusing together her passion for the empowerment of womxn with Photography and Marketing. She recently organized the first PussyMeet which took place in Jersey City in December. The second one was hosted in Chelsea, NY and we are happy to say that the community keeps growing, and growing. The goal of the PussyMeets is to flip the script of male photographers dominating the content on Social Media and to create a safe space for female photographers, artists, womxn identifiers in order to shoot more freely. Having womxn in front and behind the lens creates a power shift - both on social media and within the person, and it is truly something beautiful to be a part of.  


As a photographer, traveling has always served as a medium and an inspiration to her craft. As a creator, she is stimulated by the stories of individuals she meets and the connections she makes. Visually stimulated by the change of scenery, culture, smells and tastes Jasz yearnd to share her stories and photographs of the places she's visited. Her goal is to encourage others to travel and become open minded by the diversity this world has to offer. Traveling goes beyond beautiful landscapes. Traveling provides you challenges that allow you to grow and exposes you to situations that humble you. She wants the world to see the differences but also see the similarities within us. Then she will be able to say she is happy. Jasz is currently focusing on connecting, traveling, and encouraging a stigma free world.


3 full months into the new year and George is feeling confident and strong about where this journey is heading! Having experiences that he would never have thought of having such as shooting with friends, shooting at events, meeting important people that are important to other people and to the world. He also highlights how new connections create a new appreciation for people who have always had a place in his heart, and that is a reminder everyone needs. This year Jorge plans to go big, like nuclear big and to help others in their path to their goals.